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Transworld Kitchens and Camps

If you are looking for kitchen and dining facilities to supplement a camp, our range of standard ISO rated and modular camp kitchen facilities are a good starting point.  These kitchens are capable of producing anywhere between a few and many thousands of meals each day. The designs below provide a good starting point for the types of kitchen and dining facilities that we are able to provide, based on the number of people that you are feeding, however are generally used as a starting point for a bespoke facility based on your requirements.

TW50 Rollover

TW 50

Compact 2.45m x 3m modular kitchen. Serves 250 meals per day.
TW50 RolloverTransworld kitchens learn more
TW100 Rollover

TW 100

6.05m x 2.45m modular kitchen. Serves up to 500 meals a day.
TW100 RolloverTransworld kitchens learn more
TW100D Rollover

TW 100D

Spec as per the TW100 with dining space for 32
TW100D RolloverTransworld kitchens learn more
TW200 RO

TW 200

2 unit modular kitchen. Serves up to 1,000 meals per day
TW200 ROTransworld kitchens learn more

TW 200D

Spec as per the TW 200 with dining space for 32
TW200D ROTransworld kitchens learn more
TW400 RO

TW 400

4 unit modular kitchen that serves up to 2,000 meals per day.
TW400 ROTransworld kitchens learn more

TW 400D

Spec as per the TW 400 with dining space for 156
TW400D ROTransworld kitchens learn more
TW600 RO

TW 600

6 unit modular kitchen. Serves up to 2,000 meals per day.
TW600 ROTransworld kitchens learn more

TW 600D

Spec as per the TW 600 with dining space for 212
TW600D ROTransworld kitchens learn more
TW800 RO

TW 800

8 unit modular kitchen that serves up to 2,500 meals per day.
TW800 ROTransworld kitchens learn more

TW 800D

Spec as per the TW 800 with dining space for 336
TW800D ROTransworld kitchens learn more
TW1000 RO

TW 1000

10 unit modular kitchen. Serves up to 3,000 meals per day.
TW1000 ROTransworld kitchens learn more
TW1000D RO

TW 1000D

Spec as per the TW 1000 with dining space for 416
TW1000D ROTransworld kitchens learn more

Our ISO rated and modular portable kitchen and dining facilities can be onsite in as little as four to six weeks and are used to provide catering infrastructure for a wide variety of uses. These include, remote site camps for the mining, oil and gas industries,refugee camps, large scale construction camps, military camps and bases and disaster relief camps.

Our TW packages outline our standard range of ISO/modular kitchen and dining facilities, capable of providing anywhere from a few, to many thousands of meals per day. The support units illustrate our range of bakery, laundry and ablution facilities available, should you wish to provide a more complete camp solution.

Available in as Little as Four Weeks!

If a fast track solution is required, we are able to utilise our existing hire fleet of over 900 portable kitchen units and support facilities to deploy a solution which can be on site and operational in as little as four weeks.

Although the designs above illustrate a standard range of facilities, these are often used as a starting point towards creating a bespoke facility which matches your exact needs. It is also worth noting that as these facilities are modular, it is easy to add more kitchen or dining units if your camp expands at any point in the future.