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TW 600 Kitchen with Dining

TW600 Modular Kitchen and Dining Facility
  • Water Heater
  • Sterilising Sink 2700mm
  • Ambient Servery 1945mm
  • Hot Servery 1450mm
  • Six Slot Toaster
  • Refrigerated Servery 1800mm
  • Beverage Water Boiler 120
  • Table 4-Seater
  • Chair
  • Fly Killer
  • Mobile Tray Dispenser
  • Mobile Cutlery Dispenser
  • Wall Shelf 1200mm
  • Iced Drinks Dispenser
  • Upright Refrigerator 400lt
  • Upright Freezer 400lt
  • Bratt Pan 40lt – Electric
  • Smooth Griddle 700mm – Electric
  • Wall Table 300mm
  • Wall Table C/W Part Void Under 1800mm
  • Catering Sink & Whb 2400 X 600mm
  • Chemical Storage Cupboard 1200mm
  • Water Heater – 3ph
  • Cold Servery – Countertop
  • Dirties Return Stacking System
  • Wall Table 1800mm
  • Combination Oven 20 Grid
  • Preparation Table 1500mm
  • Preparation Table 2200mm
  • Rack Dishwasher 115 Basket/Hr – Right To Left
  • Storage Racking 1200mm
  • Storage Racking 1500mm
  • Solid Top Range – Electric
  • Mixer 40qt
  • Deep Fat Fryer – Electric
  • Air Conditioning Unit – Split System
  • Extraction System
  • Water Softener. Automatic

The TW600D is a six unit modular portable kitchen which can be delivered within six weeks of order.

The standard facility illustrated provides an open plan kitchen area, more warewashing space than the

TW600D kitchen and a built in cold storage which can be split into refrigeration and freezer space. This facility can be used to supply upto 2,000 meals per day. The TW600D also provides seating for up to 212 people with a hot and cold servery area and WC facilities.

The TW600D is available as either a modular facility or can be supplied as an ISO rated containerised kitchen.

Although we have illustrated a standard range of equipment, we can supply this facility with your choice of catering equipment to suit your requirements.

Kitchen Construction Options

Our Transworld Kitchens are either supplied as modular or ISO rated container facilities. Modular kitchens can be supplied pre-built or in flat pack format and offer the advantage of a speedy construction, while our ISO rated kitchens are supplied pre-built and comply with the latest international shipping regulations for transportation. Click on the tabs below to find out more about each construction type.

Modular Transworld kitchenPKL modular kitchens offer fast track kitchen and dining buildings which are quick and simple to install on site. The buildings comply with international construction standards and are shipped either fully erected or in flatpack format for the most cost effective results.

Key Features

  • Prefabricated off site for quality control and rapid site installation
  • Built to international construction standards
  • ISO registered building unit and flatpack shipping system
ISO Rated Container KitchenOur ISO kitchens are containerised solutions which conform to standard shipping sizes and specifications and can be easily shipped worldwide. Due to their construction, they are strong and sturdy and arrive ready for immediate use.

Key Features

  • Bespoke design created to meet each client’s required size and specifications
  • Built to international ISO shipping container standards, so easily transported by land, sea, air or rail
  • Delivered fully constructed and ready for immediate use
  • Strong and durable with 25+ year lifespan
  • Easily relocatable