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Temporary Laundry Units

When professional portable laundry facilities are required, the unique PKL Portable Laundry system, offers the most efficient, modern and comfortable working environment.

Capable of standing alone or being linked to other PKL units or a permanent building, the unit comes complete with a professional fitted laundry system, chosen for easy cleaning and to withstand heavy duty use.

The temporary laundry unit is ideal for nursing homes, hospitals, prisons, military sites and other large-scale sites.

Dimensions and Equipment

Temporary Laundry Unit Plan
  • Racking
  • 3 Water Heater 70lt
  • 33 Double Bowl Sink and Hand
  • Wash Station 1800mm
  • 200 Tumble Dryer
  • 201 Washing Machine
  • E3 63amp Three Phase
  • w1 15mm Water Inlet
  • w3 22mm Hot Water Inlet
  • F1 40mm Waste Outlet
  • F3 50mm Waste Outlet
  • G1 Gas Inlet