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The KitchenPod is a permanent modular kitchen building, which is supplied complete with catering equipment in an easy-to-install pod. The KitchenPod is especially suited to establishments with no current kitchen or those looking to upgrade or add to their existing catering facilities. Arriving onsite fully equipped and ready to connect to services, KitchenPods are available as standalone units or can be linked together to form larger open plan facilities.

We have provided some examples of some of our standard KitchenPod designs below, which provide a great starting point for your new kitchen. However, we can design and build a KitchenPod any way you want so that it meets your exact requirements.

KitchenPod PP1

Our smallest standard KitchenPod

Feeds up to 80 people . Ideal for smaller schools, or additional kitchen spaces



KitchenPod PP2

Larger single unit KitchenPod. Feeds up to 100 people


Ideal more smaller schools, pubs and nursing homes.

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KitchenPod PP3

Medium sized multi unit KitchenPod. Feeds up to 210 people.

2 unit production KitchenPod facility. Ideal for smaller – medium catering requirements.

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KP PP4 External

KitchenPod PP4

A multi unit large scale catering facility

KP PP4 Internal

A large scale catering facility. Suitable for large schools, hub and test/development kitchens.

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PreparationPod External


Additional food preparation space

Preparation KitchenPod

Add additional food prep space to your kitchen with a PreparationPod.

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Storage Pod


Additional dry or cold storage space for your kitchen


Add additional storage space to your kitchen with a StoragePod.

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Add additional dishwash space to your kitchen


Standalone or link to your existing kitchen building

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Want To Know How Our Modular Kitchens Can Work For You?

Are you interested in how some of our clients have used our permanent modular kitchens, looking for some inspiration or just want to know how they work? This short video below illustrates how some of our customers have used PKL KitchenPods to provide a new build kitchen on site. Our KitchenPods are a flexible solution so whether you’re looking for just a single unit, or a much larger facility using combinations of the different units above, we can provide a solution to match your requirements. Our team of designers and project consultants will work with you to design a kitchen to meet your exact requirements in terms of size, the catering equipment inside the building and the external finish.

School Kitchen Solutions

PKL School KitchenPod Solutions

Our KitchenPods have been hugely popular in providing school kitchen solutions, both to schools who have no existing catering facilities on site or those who have outgrown their existing kitchens. KitchenPods provide a great way of getting a complete new kitchen on site quickly, without causing a huge amount of disruption, while provide the flexibility that they can be expanded in line with pupil numbers and menu requirements, or completely relocated if needed.

We’ve supplied a huge range of permanent modular school kitchen solutions, from single unit Pods for smaller schools, large scale county-wide roll outs of kitchen buildings for multiple school kitchens and large scale central production (CPU) kitchens to feed multiple schools from a single point.

Whether you are a school or local authority, we have a solution to suit your requirements.

Case Studies

Interested in finding out more about our KitchenPods and how they are used? View some recent case studies below. If you would like to see a comprehensive collection of our permanent modular kitchen case studies, please click here.