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Temporary Kitchens for Hire

Our portable kitchens can be hired as single units or linked together to form large scale temporary catering complexes. Outlined below is our complete range of temporary kitchen facilities which are available to hire from just a few days to a decade. Each kitchen can be supplied with a range of catering equipment of your choice to ensure it meets your exact requirements. Our proven packages are combinations of units linked together, to provide a starting point for larger kitchen facilities.

Production Kitchens

Use to cook anywhere from a few to many thousands of meals each day.

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Temporary preparation Kitchen ro

Preparation Kitchens

View our range of preparation kitchen units, available in different sizes.
Temporeary Prep Kitchen 6.2m ro

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Temporary Coldrooms For Hire

Cold Storage

PKL supply a wide range of coldrooms for hire including modular units and flat pack facilities.
Temporary coldroom 3.8m

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Temporary dry store 3.8m

Dry Storage

PKL supply a range of different sized dry storage units.
Temporary Dry store 3.8m

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Aquarius temporary dishwash ro1

Warewashing Facilities

Dishwash units available in a range of different sizes and configurations
Aquarius Temporary Dishwash RO

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Canteens and Offices

Add canteen or office facilities to your temporary kitchen.

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See How Our Temporary Kitchens Can Help!

Want to know how our temporary kitchens can be used, or looking for some inspiration? This short video illustrates just some of the things that our customers typically use our temporary kitchens for.  Our kitchens can be hired as single units or you can hire combinations of units to build a larger facility depending on your requirements. Our team of designers and project consultants will work with you to provide a temporary kitchen and catering equipment layout that’s right for both your menu requirements, the number of people working within the kitchen and then number of people you’re feeding.

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What To Do Next?

If our kitchens fit your requirements or would like to discuss your options with us, please feel free to get in touch by filling out this form. We’ll send you a brochure outlining our products in more detail and contact you to discuss your project. Alternatively give our team a call on 01242 663030 or email us at [email protected].

Some things to consider and also worth letting us know when you make your enquiry are:

– How long you need the kitchen for?

– How many people you are feeding?

– How many people will be working in the kitchen?

– What catering equipment you need to go inside the kitchen?

If you don’t know what equipment you need in the kitchen, why not have a browse of our catalogue just here, or chat it through with a member of our team.

Ready to Order?

We will work with you to agree a design, location and delivery date for your kitchen and only once you’re happy with every aspect will it proceed to the order stage. We will then deliver and commission your kitchen at your site making sure it’s in full working order before we hand it over. Once up and running, the kitchen is covered by our 24/7 technical support coverage meaning we’ll always be at the end of the phone should you experience any problems, and have engineers on hand to attend your site if needed.

Case Studies

We supply 100s of temporary kitchen hires large and small each year throughout the UK for refurbishments and emergencies. If you’d like more of an idea about how some of our customers have used our temporary kitchens, and what they have to say about the service they have received from PKL, have a look at the selection of case studies below. If you would like to see a comprehensive collection of case studies of temporary kitchen facilities supplied by PKL, please click here.


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