PKL’s Podules system gives you the flexibility to refresh your catering offer whenever you like. Using our drop in modular pods you can re-think your menu, change your style or overhaul your branding with ease. Want to go street food? No problem! Something more traditional? No problem! Somewhere in between? Just mix and match the units to suit your taste, and when it’s time to refresh your offer simply replace each Podule with something new. Podules are an ideal solution if you are looking for a new or refreshment to your assisted service retail catering outlet.


Podules Overview

Modular Frame

Podules are housed in a modular frame, which is supplied as part of the Podules system.

Customised Menu Boards

The menu boards can be designed and customised to your requirements. These can be easily changed and updated.


The individual Podule units are mounted on castors, making them easily relocatable.

Theatre Cooking Option

A theatre cooking Podule unit can be added to the front bar section, to replicate the spectacle of street food cooking.

Undercounter Refrigeration Space

The standard Podule layout includes space for undercounter refrigeration

A Range of Counter Colours

The acrylic countertop is available in a range of different colours to suit your choice.

Customisable Brandable

The front section of the units are completely brandable, meaning they can be designed to your requirements or brand. It’s a simple process to update the branding meaning it’s a quick and easy to completely change or update the look and feel of your offer.

A Flexible Solution

Whether you are looking for a single retail catering outlet, or looking to introduce a range of different food offers, our Podule System offers a flexible solution. Pick and choose from our range of Podule units to suit your food offer, create your own finish or branding and you’re away.

The Podules can be supplemented with a wide range of catering equipment to ensure that they are designed and supplied completely to your requirements.

If requirements change, it’s easy to change the Podule units, catering equipment and the branding to suit your needs.


Create Your Podules System

Podules are a flexible catering system that lets you chose a layout of different modules to match your requirements. Simply select from the Podule units below, to build a system that suits your menu and style of food preparation, and supplement it with catering equipment to match your requirements.

Podules Overview
Podule Back Section With Sink
Podules Overview
Podule Back Section With Refrigeration
Podules Overview
Podule Back Section With Prep Space
Podules Overview
Podule Theatre Cooking Section
Podules Overview
Podule Refrigerated Display
Podules Overview
Podule Bar Section
Podules Overview
Podule Till Section
Podules Overview
Podule Condiment Section
Podules Overview
Podule Corner Section
Podules Overview
Podule Additional ~Seating Section
Podules Overview
Podule Frame (Houses 4 Podules)

How it Works


Once you have chosen your Podules footprint, the frame is erected on site, and the Podules simply slot into place. If you require a bigger system, a multi point food retail solution, or would like to expand your Podules at any point, it is a simple process to add another frame adjacent to the existing system to make space for four more Podule units.

It is a simple process to swap in and out different Podule units, which makes it easy to refresh your catering offer again and again!