Catering Equipment for Hire

PKL has one of the world’s largest fleet of commercial catering equipment for hire. We have over 10,000 items of professional cooking equipment covering production, preparation, refrigeration, warewashing, servery and hot holding facilities. You can hire anything from just a single item for a few days, to hundreds or even thousands of pieces of equipment to create temporary kitchens capable of feeding thousands of people in existing buildings, marquee structures or to go into one of our portable kitchen units.

Production Catering Equipment for Hire


Production equipment for hire

Commercial Production Catering Equipment For Hire

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Preparation Catering Equipment for Hire


Preparation equipment for hire

Preparation catering equipment for hire

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Refrigeration Catering Equipment for Hire


Refrigeration equipment for hire

Refrigeration equipment for hire

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Commercial holding and warming equipment for hire

Holding & Warming

Holding / Warming equipment for hire

Holding and warming equipment hire

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Commercial serving and dining equipment for hire

Servery & Beverage

Servery and beverage equipment for hire

Servery and Dining Equipment for hire

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Commercial warewashing dishwashing equipment for hire

Warewashing & Sinks

Warewashing equipment for hire

Warewashing equipment for hire

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Hand Sanitation

Hand sanitation stations for hire

Hand sanitiser station to hire

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Display fridge for hire

Retail and Takeaway

Retail and Takeaway Equipment for hire

Upright fridge for hire

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