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Modular Café and Restaurant Facilities

PKL’s Modular Café and Restaurant Facilities are high-quality modular buildings that allow sites with no or limited food provision to supply a compelling food and beverage offering. These facilities have been most popular at nature reserves and country parks allowing them to increase the footfall of visitors by having a fully functioning café, restaurant, and welfare facility, as well as secondary schools that are looking to increase the number of sixth form enrolments by having a state-of-the-art café facility.

Our Modular Café and Restaurant Facilities are constructed off-site in a factory-controlled environment meaning they are delivered to your site with as little disruption as possible.

Completely bespoke to your requirements, PKL will work closely with you to ensure that the facility meets the financial, operational, and aesthetic needs of your project. Whether you want entirely glazed elevations so that your customers can sit and look at an amazing view, or you want the units finished in wooden cladding to reflect a more peaceful woodland setting, we can work with you to achieve just that.

Speedy, Efficient, and Sustainable Installation Process

The process of volumetric offsite modular construction means that the majority of the build is completed in a factory controlled environment, allowing for much of the mechanical and electrical works to be completed offsite.

Check out our latest installations which highlights the speed and efficiency of our Modular Café and Restaurant Facilities being craned into place.

Pennington Flash Country Park

RSPB Frampton Marsh Nature Reserve

Why Use Modular Construction?

Modular construction poses many benefits, with fixed costs, fixed lead-times, and a more sustainable method of construction being the apparent ones, but there are many other benefits when compared to traditional site construction.

A factory-controlled construction environment means:



40% Quicker than Traditional Construction

Predictable Costs & Timelines


Less Opportunity for Productivity Disruption

Building regulations have been updated to reflect the need to move to Net Zero, and volumetric offsite modular construction provides the most viable route to that goal.

Modular Construction Options to Improve Energy Performance

Improving the energy performance of your Modular Café and Restaurant Facility is paramount for many reasons, from helping to protect the environment to significantly reducing your energy bills.

PKL has in-house capabilities to ensure all regulations are met and that client’s can make their facilities as sustainable as possible through our CIBSE accredited design team – this means that we can offer a range of architectural and mechanical options to improve the energy performance of your facility, some of which could include:

Architectual Options

– Brise soleil (solar shading)

– Pitched roofs (additional insulation)

– Solar control glazing (thermal performance)

– Timber fins (solar shading)

– Roof overhangs (solar shading)

Mechanical Options

– Heat pumps (space heating & hot water)

– Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR)

– Solar thermal panels (hot water)

– Solar photovoltaic panels (electricity generation)

Example Uses of Our Modular Café and Restaurant Facilities

The case studies below illustrate a few recent Modular Café and Restaurant installations for varied end-users. If you’re looking for some inspiration or ideas regarding how our Modular Café and Restaurant Facilities can be used to introduce a food and beverage offering at your site, take a look below!


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