Catering Equipment Preparation and Maintenance

Where you are hiring temporary kitchens or catering equipment, we have a number of specialist in-house facilities to ensure that your project progresses as smoothly as possible. This includes our specialist purpose built catering equipment test and inspection centre “Kit Heaven”. Each item of catering equipment undergoes a rigorous cleaning, maintenance, testing and inspection process in Kit Heaven before each hire as outlined below.

For permanent kitchens, all equipment is tested and commissioned before installation.

The Kit Heaven Process

Slide Catering Equipment Booking In Catering equipment arrives in Kit Heaven and is logged in using its unique barcode. All of our catering equipment is barcoded, allowing us to track its location and full service history 1) Equipment Booked In Slide Once logged in, each item of equipment is moved to a holding area where the level of cleaning and maintenance required is assessed. 2) Equipment Logged Into Kit Heaven Slide Catering Equipment Cleaning Catering equipment is moved to one of our specialist bays for cleaning. All loose parts are stripped from the item of equipment and are cleaned separately, while we have a specialist sandblasting room for items that require more attention. With loose items removed, the carcass is left, allowing for thorough access and comprehensive cleaning. The carcass is cleaned by hand with the aid of steam cleaning facilities. 3) Catering Equipment Cleaning Slide Catering Equipment Engineering Catering equipment is moved to one of Kit Heaven’s specialist commissioning zones. There are individual facilities to cover gas, refrigeration and electrical equipment. We also have a specialist “hot room” where refrigeration equipment is tested to ensure that it can withstand operating in high temperatures, replicating a working kitchen environment. 4) Catering Equipment Engineering Slide Catering Equipment QA Catering equipment is sent to the Quality Assurance zone for a final pre-delivery inspection to ensure that it is completely working and clean. To ensure a thorough assessment, each item of equipment has its own specialist test. If an item fails the QA test it is sent back to the commissioning bay. 5) Catering Equipment Quality Assurance Slide On leaving Kit Heaven, catering equipment is moved to Kit World, our in-house storage facility, where it is held ready to be dispatched as an individual item or installed into a portable kitchen. Equipment is stored in zones dependent on its type and is instantly traceable using the barcode system, which guarantees a quick and efficient dispatch process. Catering equipment is installed into portable kitchens on the Quay, a purpose built preparation and dispatch facility at PKL. 6) Catering Equipment Storage and Dispatch