Portable Production Kitchens Units for Hire

PKL supply a wide range of temporary kitchens for hire. Outlined below is our range of production kitchens units, which provide a complete commercial catering facility and are available to hire from a few days to many years. Our smallest temporary kitchen, the Field Kitchen, provides enough space for two to three people to work comfortably and can be used to serve up to 500 covers per day. Our largest Triton Kitchen can easily accommodate 10 staff and serve thousands of meals in one sitting.

Field Kitchen

Our smallest kitchen unit. Can provide up to 250 meals per day

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Emergency Portable Kitchen for Hire

Mini Kitchen

A medium sized temporary kitchen unit. Can provide up to 500 meals per day.

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Magnum Temporary Kitchens

Magnum Kitchen

Produce up to 1,000 meals per day with our largest temporary kitchen unit.

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Mixed Double Kitchen

A magnum sized kitchen but with a separate built in space for cold or dry storage.

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Mini Triton Rollover

Mini Triton Kitchen

A three unit facility with separate areas for production, preparation and storage.

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Mini Triton Plus

Mini Triton Kitchen Plus

The same facility as our Mini Triton kitchen but with an additional unit for extra storage space.
Mini Triton Plus Rollover

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Triton Kitchen RO

Triton Kitchen

Large three unit temporary kitchen facility capable of producing over 2,000 meals per sitting.
Triton Kitchen RO

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Mobile Canopy

Mobile canopies for use within structures such as marquees, stadia, venues and exhibition centres.

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Central Island Canopy

Designed to provide large scale kitchens within existing structures, and can be easily shipped.

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