Triton Kitchen

This kitchen is the most comprehensive of all our standard portable kitchens and comprises three separate units, offering a pleasant walk-through working environment.

Measuring 75m2, the Triton Kitchen can be operational within eight hours of delivery and is capable of producing in excess of 2,000 meals per sitting, depending on catering equipment specification.

Triton Kitchens are widely specified by the MOD, hospitals, large scale events and contract caterers.


Technical Details

Triton Temporary Kitchen PlanTriton Specifications


63amp Single Phase

63amp Three Phase

15mm Water Inlet

22mm Water Inlet

40mm Waste Outlet

Gas Inlet


Preparation Tables


Water Heater 70lt

Double Bowl Sink and Hand
Wash Station 1800mm

Six Burner Oven Range

Salamander Grill

Double Basket Fryer

Hot Cupboard 1200mm

Combination Oven 24 Rack

Undercounter Fridge 354lt

Hood Dishwasher

What To Do Next?

If you think that this kitchen fits your requirements or would like to discuss your options with us, please feel free to get in touch by filling out this form. We’ll send you a brochure outlining our products in more detail and contact you to discuss your project. Alternatively give our team a call on 01242 663030 or send us an email at [email protected].

Some things to consider and also worth letting us know when you make your enquiry are:

– How long you need the kitchen for?

– How many people you are feeding?

– How many people will be working in the kitchen?

– What catering equipment you need to go inside the kitchen?

If you don’t know what equipment you need in the kitchen, why not have a browse of our catalogue just here, or chat it through with a member of our team.

Ready to Order?

We will work with you to agree a design, location and delivery date for your kitchen and only once you’re happy with every aspect will it proceed to the order stage. We will then deliver and commission your kitchen at your site making sure it’s in full working order before we hand it over. Once up and running, the kitchen is covered by our 24/7 technical support coverage meaning we’ll always be at the end of the phone should you experience any problems, and have engineers on hand to attend your site if needed.

5 Things to Consider When Hiring This Kitchen

Temporary Kitchen Delivery

Location and Access

Our kitchens are delivered on the back of a lorry, so we will need sufficient access for our vehicles to get in and site your unit. If your proposed location does not have sufficient access for a vehicle, we can organise for a crane to lift it into place. The kitchen where possible should also be located on a level hard-standing service, although we can use the leveling facilities on the kitchen if this is not an option.

Temporary Kitchen Steps and Ramps

Steps and Ramps

Have you considered whether you will need additional steps and ramps to access the kitchen? If you do, this is something that we are able to provide so please let us know and we’ll go through your options with you.

Power Requirements for a Temporary Kitchen


Do you have services onsite to run the kitchen? Typically you will need a single phase electricity supply to connect the kitchen and a three phase supply for the dishwash unit.  You will also gas to run the catering equipment (if you wish you use gas equipment within the kitchen – electric equipment is also an option). You will also need to consider water and waste supplies.

If you have no supplies on site or just require some of the above, we can help you with this. We can either put you in contact with water and waste, gas supply and generator companies, or organise it all for you as part of your hire.

Temporary Kitchen at Home

Can I Use This Kitchen at Home?

We are often asked whether or not our temporary kitchen units can be located outside or on the driveway of a domestic property. Please note that our units are commercial kitchens. If you are considering putting one outside your house, then you will need to have the relevant industrial power supplies in place, and if used in a residential area, planning permission may be required as well (this is rarely required for use in a non-residential area).

Temporary Kitchen by Hour

Can I Hire This Kitchen by the Hour?

While there is no minimum hire period for our kitchens, bear in mind that we deliver the kitchen to you (rather than being a static location that you can use by the hour), and we will need to unload, connect and commission it before we hand it over. and then collect it again afterwards.