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Triton Kitchen

This kitchen is the most comprehensive of all our standard portable kitchens and comprises three separate units, offering a pleasant walk-through working environment.

Measuring 75m2, the Triton Kitchen can be operational within eight hours of delivery and is capable of producing in excess of 2,000 meals per sitting, depending on catering equipment specification.

Triton Kitchens are widely specified by the MOD, hospitals, large scale events and contract caterers.


Technical Details

Triton Temporary Kitchen Plan
  • Preparation Tables
  • Racking
  • Water Heater 70lt
  • Double Bowl Sink and Hand
  • Wash Station 1800mm
  • Six Burner Oven Range
  • Salamander Grill
  • Double Basket Fryer
  • Hot Cupboard 1200mm
  • Combination Oven 24 Rack
  • Undercounter Fridge 354lt
  • Hood Dishwasher
  • E1 63amp Single Phase
  • E3 63amp Three Phase
  • W1 15mm Water Inlet
  • W2 15mm Water Inlet
  • F1 40mm Waste Outlet
  • G1 Gas Inlet Gas Inlet