Transworld Kitchens

Rapid deployment kitchen and camp facilities from PKL Group

Transworld Kitchen Solutions

Containerised camp kitchen facilities onsite in as little as 4 -6 weeks

PKL provides containerised kitchens and camp facilities for remote international sites. We have an impressive record of delivering temporary and permanent fast-track solutions around the world to customers including military forces, refugee camps, oil and gas exploration companies, major construction sites and disaster areas, often mobilised and shipped to a short deadline.

Camp Kitchen Designs

We have a range of camp kitchen designs and support facilities, many of which can be onsite in as little as four to six weeks. For more information click on the links below:

Camp kitchen and dining solutions

Bakery and ablution facilities

Build options range from bespoke ISO rated temporary kitchen units and softwall tented solutions to permanent modular buildings constructed in the UK and delivered to site fully finished and ready to connect to services. For larger scale temporary complexes we can also supply support facilities such as laundries, bakeries, restaurants and ablution blocks. 

Our highly robust containerised systems can be deployed as either single units or as larger scale open plan facilities. Our container kitchens and support units conform to ISO standards and are readily transportable anywhere in the world by land, sea or air. Designed with a 25-year lifespan, the units can be repeatedly relocated making them ideal for users who have a need for portable solutions within a country or region.

Tented Kitchens and Camp Facilities

Our tented solutions can be used to provide a fast-track kitchen or to provide dining or additional space as part of a larger camp complex. Using our Mobile and Central Island Canopies, temporary kitchens can be set up within a tented facility. Our Mobile and Central Island Canopies are configured with catering equipment within the UK and are shipped in ISO containers, arriving to site ready to connect to services while also provide extraction and fire suppression.

Fast Track Modular Kitchens

Where there is a permanent requirement, our modular buildings are an ideal solution. Built utilising off-site construction, PKL modular kitchens are relocatable while conforming to full construction standards, offering a facility equivalent to a traditional build but with a very much reduced lead time.

Ex-rental Facilities

PKL has the largest fleet of portable kitchen units in the world. Where an extremely rapid delivery is required, projects can be delivered utilising kitchens and equipment drawn directly from the PKL fleet. This can be the quickest way to get a facility on the ground and PKL ex-rental schemes have been deployed by military forces globally over the last 15 years.

Worldwide Expertise

All of our fast track solutions are designed with end user requirements and budgets in mind. We can work with you to design and deliver a kitchen solution that suits your needs utilising either modular or tented facilities which are capable of feeding anywhere from a few to a few thousand people per day.  We are vastly experienced in delivering solutions around the world, and in recent years have supplied countries and continents including China, Australia, the Middle East, Africa, Canada and various locations throughout Europe.