A Complete Kitchen Equipment and Management Solution

KitchenFM is a contract hire solution which allows you to install a new kitchen for no equipment capital outlay. Instead, you pay a fixed monthly fee which covers, all catering equipment, kitchen design, delivery and installation of catering equipment, maintenance, repair, parts, labour and preventative maintenance visits.

KitchenFM Overview

KitchenFM provides a known fixed monthly cost, allowing you the ability to accurately budget for all costs surrounding the operation of the kitchen. As the equipment is owned by PKL, it means that the headache of looking after and maintaining the equipment lies with us. Should anything go wrong with the equipment, it is up to PKL to fix or replace it, at no extra cost.

The standard features of KitchenFM, which are covered by your monthly fee are outlined in more detailed below. Simply click on the boxes to find out more information.

Catering Equipment

PKL is a specialist supplier of catering infrastructure solutions and has close links with many of the leading brand commercial catering equipment manufacturers. This means that PKL can help you to specify a range of equipment that is completely suited to your requirements.


PKL operates a dedicated design department with a vast amount of experience in providing both permanent and temporary kitchen facilities. We have designed and supplied hundreds of kitchens of all types over the last 25 years. Design is included as part of the KitchenFM service. We will undertake a site survey at an early stage to help with the design process, and ensure that we can provide a range of equipment and layout that best suits your requirements. The site visit will also help to determine any issues that might affect the delivery or installation of equipment.

Project Management

PKL provides complete project management of every KitchenFM contract, overseeing each project from inception to handover. We also manage the service and maintenance of the kitchen once it has been commissioned and handed over.

Installation and Commissioning

Installation and commissioning will be undertaken by PKL engineers. Each item of catering equipment will be tested and commissioned before being handed over to ensure that it is safe and in full working order.

Service and Maintenance

One of the main benefits of PKLโ€™s KitchenFM offer is the fully inclusive service and maintenance that is provided with every contract. This covers all parts, labour and servicing costs associated with the equipment A selection of critical spare parts can also be kept on site (supplied by PKL) to help increase the chance of a first fix by our engineers should equipment break down. Where an item of catering equipment becomes unusable, PKL will provide a replacement item.

As service and maintenance costs are fully inclusive within the known monthly fee, there are no unexpected costs generated by the breakdown, repair or maintenance of catering equipment, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to accurately budget costs associated with your kitchen equipment.


PKL will provide training sessions to ensure that all staff receive a proper induction to the items of catering equipment supplied under the contract. Additional training sessions can also be provided if there is a significantly high staff turnover or if new items of catering equipment have been added to the kitchen estate under the KitchenFM agreement.

If requested, PKL can supply you with an electronic handover pack which contains user guides and troubleshooting information for all types of equipment on hire. This can be provided on a tablet computer or via an online link. For larger or multi-site contracts, we can also provide you with a bespoke user portal which helps you keep track of all equipment that you have on hire, as well as information relating to technical support call-outs and maintenance schedules. Hard copies of user guides and manuals are also provided for every item of catering equipment supplied under a KitchenFM contract.

Preventative Maintenance

PKL will undertake an agreed number of preventive maintenance visits per year covered by a KitchenFM contract. Preventative maintenance visits assist in reducing the risk of equipment failure, as any potential faults can be identified before they develop into anything serious and action can be taken at an early stage.

This ensures that the possibility of equipment downtime is greatly reduced, while the visits also give kitchen staff the chance to discuss any issues they have regarding the operation of kitchen equipment first hand with PKL catering equipment engineers.

Buyback of Existing Estate

If you have recently invested in parts of your kitchen estate, or you have items that you wish to continue using, we will consider a buyback of this equipment and incorporate it into your KitchenFM contract. This means that it will be covered by the same service and maintenance cover as the rest of the equipment provided under your KitchenFM agreement.

Environmental Monitoring

We can provide water metering and monitoring systems for gas and electricity usage. This can feed into your bespoke customer portal if required. PKL also offers a range of solutions for the reduction of organic waste on site. If you are looking for a complete closed loop solution, as well as a way to significantly reduce your waste collection costs, we can include an organic waste digester as part of your KitchenFM contract.


KitchenFM provides users with the ability to upgrade equipment, ensuring that should there be a change to your menu or meal take-up, the kitchen estate can be modified to suit these new requirements.

Benefits of KitchenFM

KitchenFM is aimed at taking away the headache of specifying, running and looking after your kitchen equipment. Instead of dealing with multiple equipment manufacturers, kitchen designers, installation companies and maintenance contacts, you have one point of contact at PKL.

Select a Package to Suit Your Requirements

Each kitchen is different and we don’t take a one size fit’s all approach. To ensure that KitchenFM matches your exact requirements, you can choose from any of the elements of the product below to create a bespoke solution that fits the needs for your establishment. Features included as standard have been ticked.

  • Spare equipment parts

  • Labour

  • 1 x Preventative maintenance visit per year

  • 2 x Preventative maintenance visits per year

  • Weekend cover

  • Guaranteed response rate

  • Design

  • Installation

  • Training

  • Environmental monitoring

  • Agreed rates for temporary kitchens

  • Contingency planning service

  • Project management

  • Agreed periodic equipment cleaning

  • Equipment disposal (non PKL equipment)

  • Emergency equipment at regional locations

  • Emergency temporary kitchen hire

  • Equipment upgrades at certain age

  • Equipment buyback of existing estate

  • Choice of equipment manufacturer

  • Management information reporting

  • Fixed cost (RPI linked)

  • Flexible contract length terms

  • Account management visits

If you are looking for new catering equipment, are having issues with the maintenance or simply would like the headache of looking after your kitchen estate left with someone else, find out more about KitchenFM by requesting a brochure.