Large Scale Modular Kitchens

Permanent kitchen buildings designed and constructed offsite

Offsite Modular Construction

New build kitchen and dining facilities from PKL Group

PKL supply permanent modular kitchen buildings, built utilising offsite construction techniques in a factory-controlled environment to end user specification, offering a fast track and cost effective solution. 

Our permanent kitchens can be designed and finished to exact end user specifications in terms of layout, catering equipment specification and exterior and can be finished to complement existing buildings on site. This means they can easily adhere to local planning regulations while having a design life of up to 60 years. PKL's in-house design team can work with you to produce a permanent commercial facility that best suits your needs or those of your client.

Offsite construction methods present a number of benefits to end users both operationally and environmentally:

  • Onsite construction time is greatly reduced as modules arrive on site pre-engineered and pre fitted
  • Vehicle movements and labour costs onsite can be reduced
  • Construction is undertaken in a factory controlled environment meaning that there are no external influences, such as the weather that can delay build time
  • Construction can take place simultaneously with onsite works, speeding up overall project time

We have worked hand in hand with construction companies and end users such as the prison service, to design, build and deliver new-build modular kitchens for a wide number of end uses. These include:

Offsite construction offers a fast track method of delivering new build facilities and our modular kitchens offer a range of benefits in terms of cost and reduced effects on the environment We provide a complete turnkey solution covering design, planning, construction, M&E fit out, equipment installation, commissioning and service. Although permanent buildings, our modular facilities are entirely relocatable, meaning that the end user gains a degree of flexibility that is unattainable with traditional construction techniques.