Modular KitchenPods from PKL Group

Permanent kitchen building solutions

Modular Kitchen Building Solutions

Single pod and large scale kitchen facilities

The KitchenPod is a modern, hygienic, permanent modular kitchen building, which is supplied complete with catering equipment in an easy-to-install pod. The KitchenPod is especially suited to establishments with no current kitchen or those looking to upgrade or add to their existing catering facilities.

Arriving onsite fully equipped and ready to connect to services, KitchenPods are available as standalone units or can be linked together to form larger open plan facilities. They are suitable for a wide variety of end users including:

  • Schools
  • Care Homes
  • Garden Centres
  • Hospitals
  • Pubs
  • Leisure attractions

KitchenPods can be used for a wide range of catering types including the regeneration of pre prepared meals, preparation of cold meals and the hot production of freshly cooked meals

Originally developed in response to achieving government based nutrition standards in primary school meal provision, KitchenPods are suited to a wide number of end user sectors, including pubs who wish to introduce the ability to serve food, permanent attractions who require satellite catering facilities and nursing homes who may wish to maximise existing building space for other means.

Fast Track Building Solutions

Built using offsite construction methods, PKL modular kitchens offer a fast track solution, arriving on the back of a lorry, fully finished and with catering equipment pre installed meaning they are ready to connect to services and can be up and running in a matter of hours. This minimises disruption to your site as only ground preparation works are required, while PKL can deliver at a time to suit you, for example during school holidays, close season or on weekends.

Available in either wood cladding, brick slip, painted or bespoke vinyl wrap finishes our modular kitchens can be designed to blend in seamlessly with existing buildings onsite or branded to suit your company or establishment.

KitchenPods comply with food hygiene and health and safety standards as well as building regulations, and due to their size, are likely to be fast tracked through planning regulations as a permitted development.

Flexible Financial Solutions

KitchenPods are available for either contract rental, lease hire or capital purchase, making them an affordable solution where funding may be restricted but new kitchen infrastructure is still required. PKL also provide inclusive service, parts, labour and preventative maintenance visits, both for the building and the catering equipment inside, ensuring that the headache of running and maintaining the kitchen operation remains with us.

A KitchenPod is ideal where a fast, cost effective new build kitchen solution is required providing the end user with a great degree of flexibility while conforming to hygiene and building legislation. Modular construction means that disruption to you is minimised while the effect on the environment is also greatly reduced. To see a recent example of a roll out of KitchenPods throughout a county's schools, please click here.