Food Cubes from PKL Group

High quality modular catering and coffee kiosks

Modular Kiosks from PKL

Coffe kiosks, food kiosks and catering concessions

The PKL Food Cube is a high quality modular servery building, ideal for use as a catering concession building, food kiosk or coffee kiosk.

The Food Cube comes in two standard sizes, either 3.6m or 6m, although can be built to order if required. The units are Building Regulations compliant, rather than a fibre glass or similar build, making them suitable for use all year round.

Food Cubes are an ideal solution if you are looking to introduce new catering facilities or add to your existing outlets on site. They can be used for a wide variety of catering operations including:

Catering Concessions in Schools

To relieve congestion in busy dining areas and to help stay on site policy by adding new catering facilities.

Café and Food Kiosks

Selling a selection of hot and cold snacks and drinks, Food Cubes can be used as satellite feeding stations on large sites such as zoos, theme parks, parks, destination attractions and garden centres or to introduce new catering facilities on sites where there is currently none.

Coffee Kiosks

Equipped to sell a selection of hot and cold drinks, additional lighter equipment can also be provided for the production of hot snacks and storage of cold snacks. These are ideal to provide additional beverage facilities on large sites, or retail style units that can be used locations such as train stations and other locations with a high footfall.

Halfway House

Used on and around a golf course as a halfway house to sell hot and cold snacks and light golf equipment to golfers during their rounds.

Stadium Concessions

Food Cubes are ideal for use as a catering concession at sports Stadia.

Custom Design and Build

Food Cubes can be finished in a wide range of exterior options including wooden cladding, brick slip, a bespoke vinyl wrap or painted finish designed specifically to your requirements.

Food Cubes are built and constructed offsite in as little as six weeks from order, meaning that they arrive to you fully finished and equipped with the catering equipment of your choice. Once it has been connected to services, a process which can usually be completed within a few hours, it is up and running, ready for operation.

Although semi-permanent modular buildings, Food Cubes are entirely re-locatable, including the ability to move them from one site to another, while purchase, contract rental or lease hire procurement options make them an entirely flexible solution.