With 1,500 pupils using the school canteen each day, Writhlington School wanted a solution to serve quicker snacks and meal options such as sandwiches away from the main canteen, reducing lunchtime congestion and improving efficiency.

The solution was a bespoke Food Cube with a main hatch accessible via a covered dining area, plus an additional external hatch looking out onto the school field. This double hatch configuration enables even more pupils to be served each lunchtime, and makes the Cube a quick, appealing option to even more pupils. The presence of the Cube has hugely relieved congestion in the previously overcrowded main dining hall, improving the canteen environment and easing the pressure on the main kitchen’s equipment and facilities.

Within just eight months of the installation, the Food Cube’s “grab and go” options represented a 75% share of the school’s catering sales. The number of pupils buying food in school has seen a huge increase, with the Cube generating over 500 sales per day.

“The Food Cube has really changed the way our catering operation works and has helped to make it more efficient and more profitable. We’ve really seen the potential of the Grab and Go style thanks to the Food Cube and are developing it with the addition of a fresh subs option from September.”
Gary Monger, Catering Manager, Writhlington School

Writhlington School

Product Supplied
New “grab and go” outlet to reduce lunchtime congestion and widen the menu offer

Bespoke medium sized Food Cube with two serving hatches