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Temporary Catering Equipment for the Great British Beer Festival

PKL worked with CAMRA at the Great British Beer Festival, the organisation’s Flagship showcase for the brewing industry.  The event attracts 10,000 visitors a day to London’s premier events venue, Olympia, and runs for five days thanks to the dedication of the CAMRA team.

CAMRA is run exclusively by volunteers and everyone working at the event does so for free. This means the organising committee take their catering facilities for staff very seriously.

PKL project consultants worked with CAMRA to put together a specification list plan to both support the needs of their volunteer team and simplify the installation of catering facilities.

Using PKL Mobile Canopies which were developed especially for the installation of catering equipment in existing buildings, and a PKL Field Kitchen, the catering operation was streamlined so that its installation was completed ahead of schedule, and ensuring that the overall set up for the event ran smoothly.

The glass washing operation in the Olympia Grand Space had the daunting task of keeping the 10,000 daily visitors supplied with clean glasses. Thanks to PKL’s design, this was undertaken using a single waste outlet.

During the two weeks set up and five day main event, PKL provided full technical support to the CAMRA team, allowing them to concentrate on producing their flagship event.

Andy Dowson, of GBBF: “We came to PKL when we had a need and have found that the relationship works very well. The installation this year has been very smooth thanks to the team here and our relationship with Krista from the sales team and the installation team led by Ted. We’ve faced challenges during the preparation for the festival, but PKL have always been there to help.”

Tony Waters of GBBF commented: “We value our volunteers greatly, the festival simply wouldn’t happen without their dedication and hard work – PKL’s kitchen equipment and especially the extraction canopies allowed us to feed them all with few problems. The glass washing setup worked smoothly for the festival and helped us keep 50,000 passionate drinkers supplied with spotless glasses – no mean feat!”




Great British Beer Festival at Olympia


Catering facilities for 1,000 volunteers and glass washing facilities for 50,000 attendees, including sinks, fridges and cross-hired cold rooms.


Full kitchen including two extraction canopies, racking, flight dishwashers, front loading dishwashers, and sinks for several loading areas.


Two weeks