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Team Speedbird Update September 2016

Hannah Bird and her waterski race team Team Speedbird, sponsored by PKL, recently returned from winning the European Junior Championships in Austria.  Before being crowned champions, the team had to complete four races. They got off to an excellent start, winning the first race comfortably. The second race was much closer, with Team Speedbird winning by only around 3 metres, following strong competition from a Belgian team. The third race proved to be the decider, with Team Speedbird lapping the second place team twice, meaning they could no longer be beaten in the competition. They made the decision to take the fourth and final race a little more gently, finishing in second place, with Hannah Bird becoming European Junior Champion.

Last weekend, the team also completed Round 4 of the British Championships in Cardiff. Hannah had the opportunity to waterski with Formula One team ‘On The Pull’ in this race. After the recent success at the European Championships, she went into the race hoping to win the Open Ladies class. Despite terrible weather conditions with very poor visibility, the team came third overall and won the Open Ladies class as hoped – another excellent result.