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Aquarius Dishwash Unit

The Aquarius at 6.2m x 2.85m is our largest standard dishwasher unit and is typically used by hotels, hospitals, staff canteens and larger events.

The unit is supplied, as standard, with a 55-basket hood dishwasher (990 plates per hour), although can be upgraded to 115-basket rack dishwasher (2070 plates per hour). The unit can run from hot or cold water feed.

For large projects such as major events, we have supplied an 8.6m Aquarius with a 150-basket rack dishwasher.

Dimensions and Equipment

Aquarius Dishwash Unit Plan
  • 1 Preparation Tables
  • 3 Water Heater 70lt
  • 20 Hood Dishwasher
  • 33 Double Bowl Sink and Hand Wash Station 1800mm
  • E1 63amp Single Phase
  • E3 63amp Three Phase
  • W1 15mm Water Inlet
  • W2 22mm Water Inlet
  • F1 40mm Waste Outlet