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Proven Package 8

Proven Package 8 Temporary Kitchen

This combination is capable of catering for 1,000 meals, three times a day, with storage for deliveries two to three times per week.

The PP8 has proved to be a very popular design for many overseas requirements, as it has everything a permanent kitchen would have, with the distinct advantage of being able to be moved rapidly from one place to the next.

Dimensions and Equipment

PP 8 Plan
  • Preparation Table
  • Racking
  • Water Heater 70lt
  • Double Bowl Sink and Hand Wash Station 1800mm
  • Six Burner Oven Range
  • Salamander Grill & Table Stand
  • Double Basket Fryer
  • Upright Fridge 610lt
  • Upright Freezer 610lt
  • Hot Cupboard 1900mm
  • Combination Oven 10 Rack
  • Bratt Pan 80lt
  • Hood Dishwasher 55 Basket
  • Double Bowl Sink 2400mm