Event Elements

What Elements do you Need to Make Every Event Perfect?

We’ve worked with some of the event industry’s top professionals to produce a series of blogs and videos, to inspire, to help and to generate discussion in the events industry.

We’re delighted to have posts and videos from Jonny Bone, Ops Chef of PX+ Festival, Pat Toland of Coalesce Productions, Dan Johnson Allen of The Recipe, Katie Bone of PX+ Festival, Lee Holloway of Corac and FPL and Max Ruddle of Duchess Farms.

These videos and blogs look at issues and challenges each of our contributors thinks is important in events right now, and what they have done about it…

Our aim is to help more people and organisations create events that generate excitement and buzz and be part of the wider conversation, helping to spread good practice and build networks that support every element of fantastic events in the UK, year round.

The Miracle

We celebrate the special qualities of the professionals who make the UK event industry so vibrant and exciting in: The Miracle. Top event experts talk about what makes a great event, what qualities event professionals need and how it feels when it all comes together.

The Experts

Read the blogs and watch the videos below which have been created by the event industry’s top professionals to see what the current issues and challenges are currently in the event world.

What I Learnt from Catering Large Scale Events
By Jonny Bone

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Could I go to Prison if my Supplier isn’t Safe?
By Lee Holloway

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The Effects of Brexit and the Recession on the Events Industry
By Dan Johnson Allen

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What I Learnt About Engaging Suppliers when Setting Up a New Event
By Katie Bone

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How Assessing Your Event Site Can Help Provide Better Catering
By Zoe Rullier

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How Events Help us get to Know our Customers
By Max Ruddle

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How Event Organisers Can Troubleshoot a Crisis During a Big Event
By Pat Toland

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