///Customer Feedback Scores 2016

Customer Feedback Scores 2016

We send customer feedback forms out after each of our hires, to find out what each customer thought of our service and the quality of our products.

Customers are asked to rate the level of service they have received from PKL across all areas of the business, starting with how their enquiry was dealt with, through to delivery, installation and technical support.

We’ve done this for a number of years so we can keep track of how we’re doing each year. This year’s final scores are now in, and we’re pleased to say that in every area of the business we are either equal to, or in most cases have improved upon, last year’s scores!

Our feedback results for this financial year are as follows, with comparisons to last year shown in brackets:

Sales 97% (+2)
Quality and preparation 93% (+4)
Delivery and installation 96% (+3)
Operation and Training 90% (=)
Technical Support 94% (+8)
Overall Rating 95% (+4)

The final question in the feedback form asks our customers how likely they would be to recommend PKL to others. This is used to work out our Net Promoter Score, which is an internationally recognised way of rating customer feedback scores. A score of above 0 is considered good, and anything above 50 is considered excellent. This year, our Net Promoter Score was 73, which is 6 points above the previous year.

We’re incredibly proud of this excellent result, which make us one of the top scoring companies in the UK. The NPS score really illustrates our expertise with equipment and dedication to service within the company. We have the largest and best equipped catering equipment test and inspection centre in Europe – ‘Kit Heaven’ – to make sure every single piece of kit is checked rigorously before it goes out to customers. This reduces breakdowns on site, but also means we have the parts and expertise to deal with problems quickly and efficiently – our first-fix rate is over 80%. We have a team of 16 specialist in-house catering equipment engineers supported by a team of dedicated equipment cleaners making sure everything is in the best possible condition. By sending our well-maintained, high quality products, backed up by our expert sales, delivery, installation and suport teams, our customers are receiving both a reliable product and professional, efficient service.