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Frequently asked questions regarding the services you will need on site, to ensure that your temporary kitchen or catering equipment is able to operate correctly while on hire from PKL.

A: Most of our catering equipment for hire is available in either gas (natural or LPG) or electric models. Gas items are set up as LPG but can be converted to natural gas if required. Our temporary kitchens always require a supply of electricity to run the extraction fans, electrical equipment such as fridges or microwaves and lighting.

If you have a temporary kitchen which is running on gas, we can organise the gas supply for you and also the replacement gas when required. When ordering replacement gas, we normally need a couple of days notice to ensure that we can get something on site in time, so it’s really helpful if you can keep an eye on your gas supply and contact us when it’s starting to run low.

A: PKL can organise the supply of gas, LPG or generators if requested by the client.

A: PKL has fully trained, Gas Safe and NICEIC registered engineers that are available to install, commission and provide staff training for you. Along with this, we can organise the installation of water and waste facilities. If any of this is something you require, please let our sales team know during the consultation process.

A: Details about required connections can be found in the relevant sections elsewhere on our website or in our comprehensive literature which you can request from here. Each individual item of catering equipment is listed with the connections it requires. Additionally, we can provide detailed CAD darwings which will outline the service connections required.

If you are unsure about the size of connections needed, our sales team will be able to help you with this during the consultation process.

A: PKL’s temporary kitchens come pre-fitted with gas manifolds but an external gas source is required. This is also the case for water, waste and electricity.

A: These are not standard within our fleet but we have worked with many contractors over the years who know our portable kitchen units and will be able to assist you with these. We can put you in contact with these external contractors or we can organise the supply on your behalf.

A: If the catering equipment is gas, then we can provide raised, freestanding manifolds, which are positioned at the rear of the equipment. Numerous items of equipment can be linked in this manner, providing a hazard free environment.

A: Yes. When your temporary kitchen is due for collection, you need to ensure that all connections to water, waste and electricity are disconnected so that our drivers can easily remove the unit.