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Pop-Up Kitchen Supplied for Innocent 5-for-5 Event

When Innocent established its 5 for 5 pop-up’ cafe at the Tramshed in East London for a week, caterers Bread and Honey selected PKL to supply the temporary kitchen facilities. PKL’s equipment selection was matched to both the menu and the building’s requirements to deliver a tailored solution with a kitchen, preparation area and dishwashing area.

Innocent, best known for its smoothies and veg pots, aimed to enable 5,000 people to get their recommended ‘5-a-day’ in a two-course meal, for just £5. To that end, they worked with top chef Gizzi Erskine to create suitable lunch and dinner menus, with a view to serving 600 meals per day.

“The kitchen design was immensely important in enabling us to achieve this”, commented Bread and Honey’s James McDowell. “PKL worked closely with us to optimise the layout so we could maximise throughput, as well as helping us to work within the constraints of the site. These included the need to use low power electrical equipment as there was no gas and we couldn’t exceed the building’s electrical capacity”, he added.

The equipment supplied by PKL included ovens, fryers, a hot cupboard, refrigeration equipment, washing areas, preparation tables and racking.

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Pop up restaurant for Innocent in support of their 5-for-5 venutre

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