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Emergency Kitchen Supplied to Pub after Fire

PKL supplied a temporary kitchen to a pub, to enable the business to continue with their provision of food, after a fire destroyed their kitchen.

The temporary catering facility, which included a PKL Field Kitchen and a cold storage unit, was on site and in use in a matter of days after the fire, and was used to cook lunchtime and evening meals while the existing kitchen was rebuilt.

The speed in which PKL was able to deliver facilities to site, meant that the pub did not lose any vital trade, which could have had disastrous consequences.

The landlord of the pub commented: “These units have been a lifesaver for us. Without these we would have gone under, absolutely no doubt about it. Although we’ve suffered a particularly horrific fire which could have had a very very negative impact on our customers, we would have lost the business as well without this here. I can’t speak highly enough of it.”

PKL’s temporary kitchen was used to provide lunchtime and evening meals at the pub. Due to the flexibility of PKL’s extensive range of catering equipment, the pub was able to maintain its existing menu from the temporary kitchen facility, and during the time in which the units were on site, the pub found that it was able to increase the speed and quality of their foodservice provision.

Said the landlord, “It’s halved the cooking times of our core menu, but at the same time has been a revelation to us and to our customers because it’s actually improved the quality of service. They cannot believe how quickly the food is coming out now. This stuff is just the best thing since sliced bread.”

PKL offers a free bespoke kitchen business continuity plan, so that if you are faced with a sudden loss of kitchen facilities, you are best placed to deal with it.

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Emergency kitchen after fire on site

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