Doubling the Size of Pub in the Park Tour

Pub in the Park, created by Brand Events with celebrity chef Tom Kerridge, has quickly become a British summer institution since its launch in 2017.

The event brings great food and amazing music to parks around the country, with up to 15 kitchens featuring some of the country’s top Michelin-starred pubs. In each venue two local pubs are invited to be part of the event, raising their profile and helping to engage the local community.

Brand Events and PKL have worked closely together on the events since the first one in Marlow in 2017, and have now got the process down to a fine art.

2019 saw a doubling in the number of events, from four to eight. But PKL more than doubled its installations due to the increase in size of the established events in Marlow, Bath, Tunbridge Wells and Knutsford.

PKL created a base kitchen package with Brand, which is then offered to all participating pubs. These pubs then work closely with the PKL events team to tailor their package to their menu.

The installation team had two days at each site to install up to 15 kitchens. The team installed 80 kitchens over the 8 events, up from 38 in 2018 and installed more than 900 pieces of catering equipment, up from 410 in 2018.

Each site has its own challenges. From weight and height restrictions to the good old British weather, PKL and Brand Events worked closely together to help create a hugely successful summer of gigs.

Katie Caines, ops manager for Brand Events, said: “It’s a very tough build for PKL, but they’ve been brilliant. They work closely with all the pubs and our installation team and the best compliment I can make is that I don’t worry about them! They do their job efficiently and expertly. It could be a big problem for me as the operations manager, but it’s been a very smooth installation of all our kitchens.”

Client: Brand Events
Requirement: Doubling the size of the Pub in the Park tour 
Supplied: 100% more events, 120% more equipment, 42 extra kitchens. More than doubled in size 2018-2019. Bespoke kitchen design for more than 80 kitchens across 8 events. Unique install challenges for each event.