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Catering Facilities for the British Army in Kosovo

British Army Kosovo

When the British Army deployed to Kosovo in the winter of 1999, they required immediate camp facilities for 5,000 personnel. Overall 16 camps were provided in 625 man, 500 man, 250 man, 125 man and 50 man formats and PKL provided kitchen and laundry facilities for each.

PKL were responsible for the entire design and specification of the containerised modules along with all mechanical and electrical elements. The equipment was manufactured in the UK within 16 weeks of order and shipped to site where PKL also were responsible for the onsite installation.

Scope of Work

Design and build of containerised kitchens and laundries for 625, 500, 250, 125 and 50 man camp sizes.

Full design responsibility including all construction, M&E and equipment specifications.

Packing, strapping and loading of equipment ready for shipment.

Preparation of all site foundation and lead up service specifications and drawings.

Installation of containers and modules on site including all commissioning and testing of facility plus full training of British MOD personnel.

Key Features

Designed to be rapidly re-deployed – something that was carried out 18 months later.

Full ISO containerised specification and CSC plating for increased strength and durability.

Stackable 9 containers high with 20 ton load each.

Able to be transported by ship, plane, truck and rail.

400 module kitchen complex manufactured in only 16 weeks.

Kitchen modules designed to comply with European construction, fire and food safety legislation.


British MOD

Project Summary

Design and build of containerised kitchen and laundry facilities for camps sizes from 50 to 625 personnel


20ft ISO shipping containers, CSC plated

Electric power source, air conditioning, fire suppression


16 camps installed in Kosovo over 12 week period

16 week UK construction of 400 20ft ISO modules