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Athletes’ Village in Singapore

The inaugural Youth Olympics were an important occasion for both Singapore and the IOC. This was the first time young athletes from around the world met in competitive sports of this level and special plans were in place to make sure the athletes involved got the most out of their experience.

Having supported a number of Olympic Games in the past, PKL were involved from the start to bring the Singapore Youth Olympics our experience in the delivery kitchens and catering facilities to cater for the large numbers involved.

PKL were appointed to supply and design the kitchen facility as well as the tented structure that housed the kitchen, cold stores, ware-wash and dry stores. PKL also provided the design, specification and supply of all electric, water, gas, drainage, air-conditioning and ventilation systems.

The Dining Hall was some 300 metres from the Kitchen and there was no access for vehicles to deliver the food. This problem was solved by using food carts to transfer meals from the central Kitchen to the Dining Hall.

An estimated 5,000 Athletes and Officials together with a workforce of 2,000 required 3 meals a day during the Games. In total approximately 325,000 meals were produced and served. PKL met this challenge with great efficiency, on time and on budget.

  • Kitchens where housed in a tented structure with dining area in existing building
  • 7,000 Athletes, Officials and Workforce were catered for 24 hours a day throughout the period of operation
  • 325,000 meals were produced and served during the Singapore Youth Olympics 2010
  • Kitchen was designed to meet strict local food hygiene requirements

Singapore Youth Olympics

Product Supplied
Athletes’ Village temporary kitchens and dining

To feed 5,000 athletes and 2,000 support staff during the Games