PKL Core Values

Thirty years ago, we created the world’s first commercial portable kitchen. Working with companies of all sizes worldwide, we continue to lead the development of temporary and permanent foodservice infrastructure. We aspire to help every customer achieve their ideal kitchen through innovative products, regardless of their situation, size and financial resources.

Much of our continued success is linked to our extensive knowledge, experience and to the quality of our products. We have more than thirty years of trading experience, combined service of more than seven hundred and seventy-five years, more than fifty percent of our staff have more than five years’ service and more than thirty-five percent of our staff have more than ten years’ service. We’ve delivered to thirty-six countries, supported sixteen major sporting events and manage more than five hundred hires a year.

But that’s only half of the story. How PKL works together as a team is perhaps more important to our continued success. Because of this, we’ve worked hard to identify the values that we think are inherent within our team and at the same time make sure that we all know what our customers should expect from us as a company.

So, what are our values?

PKL Core Values Keep our Customers
PKL Core Values Set the Standard
PKL Core Value Let's Make It Happen
PKL Core Value One for All
PKL Core Value No Bull