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1000 Man DFAC Kitchens for US Army

US Army Aviano

As part of Operation Deny Flight, Aviano Air Force Base was the home of US pilots enforcing a no fly zone over Bosnia. They required a more robust and long term solution to the ‘khaki tent’ they were using, so a rapidly deployed modular system was investigated.

Working through Universal Ogden, PKL designed a suitable 1000 man DFAC that was approved by military planners within days of the original enquiry. It was only 35 days from order to installation.

Scope of Work

Preparation of all site foundation and lead up service drawings enabling Universal Ogden to carry out site works during shipping

Organisation of shipping, manifests and customs procedures for the delivery of the modular kitchens

Provision of site project management and installation labour

Commissioning and testing of facility plus full training of personnel

Key Features

Entire facility was supplied from existing PKL hire inventory. This allowed the client to examine the equipment before order was placed

Entire facility was assembled in the UK and delivered to site ready for immediate installation

Portable Kitchen units were designed to be redeployed

Modules designed to comply with European fire and food safety codes

From enquiry to final design approval was 14 days. Delivery and installation from order was only 35 days

Project was so successful, four other similar facilities were delivered to US Forces in the Balkans during 1996

Project Overview

Client: Universal Ogden

Project Summary

Design, supply and installation of 1000 man portable kitchen and modular dining facility


14 Portable Kitchen units including kitchens, coolers, prep rooms, wash up, storage

10-module open plan 250sqm dining hall

Overall dimensions 35m x 40m

Gas powered cooking equipment, air conditioning, fire suppression


2 week design, 2 week preparation of equipment, 1 week shipping, 2 week site installation