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Temporary Kitchens for Emaar Ramadan Tent

International property developer Emaar hosted a fine dining Ramadan Tent for the duration of the religious festival, providing two menus for guests. The luxury tented facility overlooked Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, and Downtown Dubai.

PKL and Lowe Refrigeration supplied two production kitchens, four coldrooms, a preparation unit and a potwash unit. Services were brought in and the units were installed on site a month before the start of the event, to allow time for the tented venue to be built around them, incorporating them into the tented structure.

The kitchen facility catered for 1,000 guests per night for the month-long event. The two menus included a buffet iftar menu for the breaking of the fast, some of which was cooked on site, and some of which was brought in from the hotel and transferred into hot cupboards prior to serving.

The suhoor menu for the pre-dawn meal took the form of an a la carte offering which was cooked entirely on site in the temporary facility.

Emaar Ramadan Tent

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Temporary kitchen

Temporary catering facilities to provide fine dining