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Proven Package 12

Proven Package 12 Temporary Kitchen

The PP12 is a first class, high capacity, large scale, temporary catering facility. It includes everything that you would expect in a permanent large institutional kitchen.

In addition, it can easily accommodate the extra staff needed for transporting the food from the kitchen out to the required location.

If your requirement is for a kitchen to provide several thousand meals, either for a prolonged period of time or for a one-off large scale event, the PP12 will certainly meet your needs.

Dimensions and Equipment

PP 12 plan
  • Preparation Table
  • Racking
  • Water Heater 70lt
  • Double Bowl Sink and Hand
  • Wash Station 1800mm
  • Six Burner Oven Range
  • Double Basket Fryer
  • Upright Fridge 610lt
  • Upright Freezer 610lt
  • Hot Cupboard 1900mm
  • Combination Oven 10 Rack
  • Oven 24 Rack
  • Boiling Pan 150lt
  • Griddle 900mm
  • Sterilising Sink
  • Rack Dishwasher 150 Basket
  • Till Point
  • Ambient Servery 1200mm
  • Hot Servery 1900mm
  • Double Bowl Sink and Hand
  • Wash Station 2400mm
  • Refrigerated Servery 1990mm