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Garbage Guzzlers

The Garbage Guzzler is capable of reducing your food waste by up to 70% and leaves you with an output that can be used as soil improver or biofuel.

The machines can process up to 240 litres of food waste each day, which is the equivalent of a standard wheelie bin full.

The Garbage Guzzler uses aerobic digestion to reduce food waste. A mix of enzymes, heat and oxygen digest waste in a 24 hour period, reducing it in volume by up to 70%.

Located at your site, the Garbage Guzzler can help to significantly lower your waste output, and therefore the costs associated with collecting it.

We do have the capacity to supply larger machines than this as well, so please let us know if your daily food waste exceeds this.

What Goes In

If it can go into a food waste bin, then it’s more than likely it can go into a Garbage Guzzler. The waste digesters will also digest compostable packaging, as long as it is shredded first and mixed in with food waste.

What Comes Out

Food Waste Digester What Comes Out

After 24 hours, food waste is reduced by up to 70% and you are left with a digestate material that can be used as a soil improver or a biomass fuel. The machine is set to output automatically, and does so through a waste auger.

If you are using the material as soil improver, you will need to mix it in with compost before putting it on your grounds. If you are looking at the biomass option, you should bear in mind that due to the amount the machine will reduce your waste, our smaller machines will not create a huge quantity of output.

Product Range

PKL offers two units that  are capable of digesting either up to 120 litres or to 240 litres of waste each day. The units are simple to use and require little training of your staff to operate them. Unlike anaerobic digestion, no methane is produced as part of the process so there are no specialist requirements for handling the output.

Garbage Guzzler 200
Garbage Guzzler 400

Garbage Guzzler GG 1000

The GG 1000 is capable of digesting up to 120 litres of food waste each day

Garbage Guzzler GG 2000

The GG 2000 is capable of digesting up to 240 litres of food waste each day.

Interested? Find Out More

We have a dedicated website which outlines the Garbage Guzzler in full, providing technical details of each machine, their capabilities,  case studies,  FAQs and more.  To learn more about the Garbage Guzzler food waste digester, please visit or click on the button below.

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