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Garbage Guzzlers

PKL is the exclusive UK and Ireland distributor of the Garbage Guzzler, a range of on-site organic waste digesters. The Garbage Guzzler can process up to 400kg of organic waste each day, and can reduce it by up to 95%.

The Garbage Guzzler uses aerobic digestion and can process a wide amount of organic waste including a mixture of:

– Food Waste
– Cardboard and paper packaging
– Horticultural waste
– Cellophane
– Fat oil and grease
– Most disposable / takeaway coffee cups

The Garbage Guzzler can be located at your site and can help to significantly lower your waste output, and therefore the costs associated with collecting it.

Product Range

PKL offers two units that  are capable of digesting either up to 200kg or up to 400kg of waste each day. The units are simple to use and require little training of your staff to operate them. Unlike anaerobic digestion, no methane is produced as part of the process so there are no specialist requirements for handling the output.

Garbage Guzzler 200

Garbage Guzzler GG 200

The GG 200 is capable of digesting up to 200kg of organic waste each day

Garbage Guzzler 400

Garbage Guzzler GG 400

The GG 400 is capable of digesting up to 400kg of organic waste each day.

The output from the units can be used as a soil improver or as biomass fuel (either as biomass digestate or it can be pelletised).  Alternatively you can put waste back through the unit with with fresh organic waste to reduce it down even further.


If you are interested in finding out more about the Garbage Guzzler, please contact us, or visit our website dedicated especially to these products by clicking on the button below.