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Major Event Temporary Catering Facilities

PKL is vastly experienced in delivering large scale complexes and catering facilities to major events. The tabs to the right outline they types of facilities we are often asked to supply at major games, and what they are used for.

Athletes’ Village Temporary Kitchen and Dining

Kitchen and dining complexes are used to feed athletes, officials and staff for major games. These are large scale facilities that can take up to 12 weeks to construct once we are on site, and are required to be operational 24 hours a day for the duration of the event. The athletes’ village kitchen and dining facilities are supplied in large scale temporary structures and can typically seat around 6,000 people, providing up to 60,000 meals each day. They will often contain separate serving and dining areas for athletes, and staff and officials, and contain large scale production kitchens, and zoned servery areas providing a range of different world cuisine to cater for the tastes of participants from a large number of different countries.

IBC/MPC Temporary Kitchen and Dining

The IBC and MPCs house the world’s press covering a major games, and due to deadlines and different time zones in home countries, are required to be operational at all times.

With the number of journalists and press personnel often similar, if not greater than the number of participants in an international event, the catering operation in these venues is incredibly demanding throughout the period of a games.

Catering infrastructure for media and broadcast centres often involves a complex installation of catering equipment into an existing building or into a purpose built temporary structure.

Catering infrastructure typically involves a number of large scale production kitchen facilities or central production units, complemented by a large number of servery areas (typically in excess of 500m of servery counters) with a small number of production facilities to back them up.

These are typically used to provide various types of menu to cater for the range of different nationalities using the facility.

Corporate/ Sponsors Hospitality Catering and Casual Dining

Corporate sponsors and official hospitality areas present a variety of requirements and can range from large scale temporary kitchen and dining areas catering for thousands of guests and dignitaries, to smaller scale facilities capable of hosting a few hundred people. These areas often provide a five star dining service.

We have worked with large international event caterers, games delivery committees and games sponsors, to design and deliver the catering infrastructure required to keep their guests fed for the duration of major events.

We can also provide innovative solutions for casual dining and bar areas around the athletes’ village.

Public catering at major events

Public Areas Catering

We also supply catering infrastructure for public restaurant areas used to provide food for the public at major events on a large scale.
This can include installing temporary catering facilities for a large number of locations around a major event park, for use in outlets such as coffee shops, takeaways, bars and large scale public restaurants.

From an early stage, we will work with the appointed caterer for the public food areas at a major event, to ensure the successful design and delivery of temporary catering facilities.