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Joe’s work experience

Hello my name is Joe. I am from Cleeve School and this week I have been doing my work experience at PKL. In this time I have been in many departments and done many things. Here is an overview of what I have been doing:

Day 1:

On the first day I was up in Kit Heaven with my brother in law Jason. He showed me around the wonderful world of Kit Heaven. This is where they keep all of the equipment they are fixing and cleaning. Then Lee from HR took me on a tour of the quay, warehouse, yard and the office. Afterwards, Jason showed me the health and safety of the workplace and I had to do some Human Focus training. These are a set of videos that run you through health and safety and also have a quiz at the end to make sure you have listened. A bit later on they set up a fake accident so Marcos and I could do a remedial action report about a combination oven falling over.

Day 2:

On this day I was working with Karsten and Andre in the design team on some of the programmes they use like AutoCAD. I designed a Food Cube like the one at my school but with my own twist, then Andre and I made the drawings (see photos above).

He also helped me make a video walkthrough of this in Showcase. This was done by importing my model Food Cube from AutoCAD. I was given an in depth study of AutoCAD to allow me to complete this task. He also gave me an introduction to other programmes that the company uses like Lumion and Revit, broadening my knowledge of computer based design.

Day 3:

Wednesday was the day I was with IT Manager Ed. He showed me how to use coding software such as Java and gave me an overview of IT in the workplace. I also helped him with the rebranding of the company as the logo has recently changed to a more modern version. I helped him change the logo on some of the important documents so they have the updated logo on.

Day 4:

Today I have been with the marketing department with Sam, Caz and Andy. I have helped them to create a marketing email and some of their adverts on their website and I have helped Andy to organise the marketing cupboard. I have also been creating this blog with Caz – I have been writing this and then we walked around together taking the photos above, of everywhere I have been throughout my work experience.