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Garbage Guzzler at Mansfield College

We have recently delivered a Garbage Guzzler to Mansfield College in Oxford, who are trialing the unit as a way of reducing their organic waste.

The unit has been on site for three weeks, and the College has already seen a significant reduction in the amount of organic waste that they are generating, even cancelling their food waste collection service during the trial period.

The Garbage Guzzler was initially being used to digest food waste from the main kitchen, but is now being used by a number of outlets around the site.

The Garbage Guzzler works by using aerobic digestion, and can reduce organic waste by over 90%. An output is left which can be used as soil improver or biomass fuel.

If you would like to find out how a Garbage Guzzler can significantly reduce your organic waste, see our website at www.garbageguzzler.com.