Dark Kitchens / Cloud Kitchens

If you’re looking for Dark Kitchens (also known as Cloud Kitchens, Ghost Kitchens or delivery only kitchens), we have a wide range of solutions to suit your needs. We’ve worked with some of the World’s leading meal delivery service operators to provide kitchen infrastructure to help support and grow their operations.

Whether you’re looking for temporary or permanent modular kitchens, or commercial kitchen equipment to fit into existing premises we have a range of solutions to help you with your Dark Kitchens operation.

We’ve been at the forefront of Dark / Cloud Kitchens innovation, and have built up a wealth of experience over the last few years as to the unique set of challenges that operators are faced when running Dark Kitchen sites, and how they can be overcome. We’re also experts in the collation, management and provision of the data that’s essential to ensure that you are easily able to monitor, support and grow your Dark Kitchen operation.

Modular Kitchens in Car Park

Temporary Kitchens

PKL has over 600 portable kitchens in our hire fleet. We have a range of standard temporary kitchen units, which are available in a different number of sizes. These can be hired as standalone facilities or can be linked together to form larger modular kitchen facilities.

If you’re looking to trial a concept, or an instant solution to help increase your production capacity our temporary kitchens are an ideal solution. We have over 10,000 items of catering equipment, which can be specified within our temporary kitchen units meaning that whatever menu you or your operator is producing, we can provide you with a suitable solution. Additionally, should you change the restaurant operating from the kitchen, it’s an easy process to swap the equipment to something more suited to your new client’s menu.

Our kitchens can be powered by temporary utilities (such as bottled gas, generators and water tanks) making them ideal for sites with little or no existing infrastructure or utilities. Additionally, they are delivered as single units on the back of a lorry, meaning that they’re suited for sites even where access may be tricky.

We’ve outlined some of our more popular temporary kitchen units below, however our full range can be viewed just here.

Field Kitchen

Our smallest kitchen unit. Can provide up to 250 meals per day

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Emergency Portable Kitchen for Hire

Mini Kitchen

A medium sized temporary kitchen unit. Can provide up to 500 meals per day.

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Magnum Temporary Kitchens

Magnum Kitchen

Produce up to 1,000 meals per day with our largest temporary kitchen unit.

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Modular Dark Kitchen for hire and sale

Custom Built Modular Kitchens

If you’re looking for something more bespoke, we also manufacture permanent modular kitchen solutions (we call them KitchenPods). These are custom built to order, although we have learned a lot over the last couple of years about how custom made kitchens work for Dark Kitchen operators, to ensure that they are built with a range of flexible features which means to alter the usage of the kitchen should the operator change.

Similarly to our temporary kitchen units, our custom built modular kitchens start at single unit facilities and can be increased in size by adding more modules. If designing customer designed kitchens to go to a completely new Dark Kitchen site, you may also wish to consider specifying additional units for pick up areas, resting facilities for delivery staff, office and WC facilities.

We’ve outlined small, medium and large sized custom facilities below, however our modular KitchenPods are built to order and can be any size and equipped with your choice of catering equipment. Find our more about our KitchenPods just here.

Small Custom Kitchen

Single unit KitchenPod.

KitchenPod PP2 Rollover

Ideal for smaller meal preparation requirements or smaller scale restaurant operators

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KitchenPod PP3 External

Medium Custom Kitchen

Medium sized multi unit KitchenPod

KitchenPod PP3 Internal

2 unit production KitchenPod facility. Ideal for smaller – medium catering requirements.

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KitchenPod PP4 External

Large Custom Kitchen

Larger scale kitchen building

Custom Built Kitchen 4

Ideal for larger meal delivery operators, with increased produciton and storage space


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Large Scale Temporary Kitchens for Hire

Commercial Catering Equipment

If you have already sorted out the premises for your Dark Kitchen location, but need help with the catering equipment, we are on hand to help. We offer a flexible rental solution which covers all catering equipment, as well as the service, maintenance, parts, labour and preventative maintenance visits.

This is all covered by a fixed monthly fee, which means that you can accurately forecast for the cost of your kitchen, with no unexpected surprises. Additionally, we can provide a flexible solution that would allow you to swap a certain number of items of catering equipment throughout the year to help you cope with any menu changes, or changes to the restaurants using the equipment.

As a kitchen infrastructure specialist, PKL procures a vast amount of commerical catering equipment each year, and you can benefit from our buying power if you’re looking to procure new items of equipment for your Dark Kitchen.

Large Scale Temporary Kitchens for Hire

Dark Stores

Create your local dedicated delivery-only retail store with refrigeration and portable units allowing you to facilitate a “click and collect” grocery service.

Our Dark Stores are manufactured off-site and delivered to site as a plug and play solution to support last-mile grocery delivery operations, and allow you to quickly establish fulfilment hubs and test out new sites with little risk and scale fast.


Increases speed to market

Easy to

Move to a different site quickly and easily

Scale Your

Easily scale your operation by adding more dark store units to your site


Designed to fit in with your requirements

PKL Delivery Kitchens

We have a dedicated department that designs and delivers dark kitchens around the globe. If you are interested in finding out more, please visit our specialist website below.

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