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10 reasons schools should consider catering equipment contract rental

Our “KitchenFM for Schools” contract rental option was developed with support from the Children’s Food Trust, and is aimed specifically at schools whose kitchens have outdated or inadequate catering equipment.

Contract rental provides some clear advantages to schools, especially those on a tight budget. Here are our top 10 reasons schools should consider our contract rental solution for their kitchen equipment:

1. Get new, efficient, named brand equipment with no up-front cost.

2. As a leading supplier of catering equipment solutions, we have close links with many of the leading brand manufacturers, enabling us to help specify a range of equipment to suit your exact requirements.

3. The school pays a single, fixed monthly fee, giving a known kitchen cost with no nasty surprises.

4. Ownership of the equipment remains with PKL, so it’s our responsibility to manage and maintain the equipment, not yours.

5. A contract rental solution from PKL offers the flexibility to change or upgrade your equipment mid-term if your menu or meal uptake changes.

6. We can buy back items of your own equipment and include them as part of the contract if required, so if you have a favourite item of equipment already in your kitchen, you won’t have to part with it!

7. The contract includes preventative maintenance visits, to help reduce the risk of equipment failure.

8. Service, parts and labour are all covered, so there are no financial implications if an item of equipment fails.

9. We provide training sessions to ensure staff receive a proper induction and efficient usage tips for all the catering equipment supplied.

10. Our technical support team are on the end of the phone 24/7, every day of the year, giving you access to expert advice, and with engineers available to dispatch if required.