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If you need additional preparation space in your kitchen, a PreparationPod extension is ideal. Giving you greater capacity to prepare food from scratch, this option can also enable you to increase the number and type of meals you produce.

The PreparationPod can attach seamlessly to your existing kitchen building, or can be supplied as a standalone facility.  The PreparationPod can also be used to free up space within your existing kitchen, by moving your existing prep space into the building and using the remain kitchen space for more production equipment.

Dimensions and Equipment

PreparationPod Plan View
  • Preparation Table
  • Racking
  • Upright Fridge
  • Undercounter Fridge
  • Undercounter Freezer
  • Double Bowl Sink 2400mm
  • E Electrical Supply
  • W2 22mm Water Inlet
  • F1 40mm Waste Outlet

How Would You Like Your KitchenPod to Look?

Our modular kitchens are available in a wide range of finishes including wood cladding, brick slip, vinyl wrap or a pre-coloured exterior. The range of finishes ensures that your kitchen can be designed to meet your exact specifications or can be finished to match existing buildings on site. This is particularly useful when faced with stringent planning regulations.

Brick Slip ExteriorIf you require a traditional brick exterior, brick slips are available in a wide range of standard finishes.  Additionally they can be produced to match an existing brick or stone finish if required so that your KitchenPod can match existing buildings on site.
Wooden Clad ExteriorThe attractive wood cladding finish can be stained in a wide range of colours and designs, which can be complemented with colouring to the trim of the building. Cladding be run horizontally or vertically on the building.
Vinyl Wrap Exterior Modular BuildingThe vinyl wrap can be produced in any design required by the end user. Bespoke finishes are also available by providing a photo or customised design. Our internal design team are available to help if you would like a logo, branding or customised finish to your building.
Modular building painted exteriorKitchenPods are available in a wide number of standard coloured finishes. As part of the construction process, the building will be finished in a colour of your choice.