Temporary Kitchens for Hire

Temporary kitchens for hire on a short or long term rental basis from PKL

Portable Production Kitchens

Temporary production kitchens for catering applications of all sizes

PKL supply a wide range of temporary kitchens for hire. Outlined below is our range of production kitchens, which provide a complete commercial catering facility and are available to hire from a few days to many years. Our smallest temporary kitchen, the Field Kitchen, provides enough space for two to three people to work comfortably and can be used to serve up to 500 covers per day. Our largest Triton Kitchen can easily accommodate 10 staff and serve thousands of meals in one sitting.

Temporary Production Kitchens

Our complete range of production kitchens for hire are outlined below.

Proven Packages

In addition to our standalone temporary kitchens, we have devised a range of Proven Packages combinations of our portable kitchens and support units linked together, which can provide a quick and effective solution based upon your catering requirement.

Mobile and Central Island Canopies

Where a temporary production kitchen is required in an existing building or a tented structure PKL Mobile Canopies and Central Island Canopies are ideal. Mobile and Central Island Canopies include full extraction facilities and can come supplied pre-loaded with your choice of commercial catering equipment.

All of our temporary production kitchens adhere to the latest in health and safety regulations, and include full length extraction canopies, fire suppression, auto gas shut off, non slip flooring and wipe clean foodsafe walls as standard.