Outsourced Turnkey Service Solution

Support services for hires with PKL

Technical Support

Technical support 24 hours a day, 365 days per year

PKL offers a 24 hours a day technical support service to all of our customers. You can reach us any time of day or year by simply calling 0845 840 42 42.

If you are experiencing a problem, it would be helpful if you could have the individual barcode number to hand and also be positioned near to the relevant piece of catering equipment at time of calling.

Catering Equipment Engineers

We employ a full time team of dedicated, specialist catering equipment engineers to provide technical support to our customers. We are always on hand, should there be any issues with items of catering equipment for portable kitchens on hire from the company.

24 Hour Service

To enable us to provide the most efficient service possible when a fault occurs, our engineers first carry out a detailed telephone fault diagnosis. We have comprehensive records about each piece of our catering equipment, available via our unique barcoding system, which can help our engineers to pinpoint any potential problems.

This method is faster than despatching an engineer to site, and 75% of faults are solved in this way. Unnecessary chargeable service calls due to misuse can be avoided and as a result the cost to clients can be reduced. If a call out is required, we stock a full range of spare parts on site, while our range of over 10,000 items of catering equipment ensures that a replacement item can easily be provided if required.

Regular Health Checks

To make the process of offering 24 hour technical support as simple as possible, we ask that our clients nominate several key staff to receive training in service, maintenance and cleaning procedures. We will then contact the nominated personnel at frequent intervals to ensure adequate technical assistance is received and that the equipment is performing as required. This allows both PKL and the client to closely monitor and control the kitchen operation.

Preventative Maintenance

As well as regular health checks, we organise programmed preventative maintenance visits, irrespective of whether an engineer has been on site to correct a malfunction. These visits are carried out at agreed regular intervals and each item of equipment is serviced in line with a rigorous checklist. All information is then recorded onto the PKL barcode system. Preventative maintenance can also be a time to provide additional training to catering staff and nominated support liaison personnel.