PKL VegPods

Multi-purpose learning space for your school and the community

Modular Teaching Kitchen Facilities

Grow it, cook it, eat it in the ultimate classroom!

PKL's VegPods are modular teaching kitchens, which can include an enclosed courtyard area with a raised bed for growing vegetables or herbs.

Use the VegPod to educate pupils and the wider school community on a range of skills including horticulture, food hygiene and preparation, cookery and enterprise, subjects that cover both indoor and outdoor learning.

Multi-purpose learning space

Our  teaching  kitchen and serving areas are created to give flexible learning space to your school.  Built to your specification not only does it support the viability of your school meals service but it can also enhance teaching and learning within the curriculum.  It is perfect for science, technology, health, wellbeing, collaborative learning and healthy eating.

Designed and constructed offsite, VegPods can be built to your exact requirements, meaning that they can be as big or as small as you like. They offer a great opportunity to increase additional classroom space to your school, without impacting on existing buildings onsite.

VegPods don't only cover activities for your pupils. They can be used to create valuable revenue streams and raise school or community funds. Your school can let its pod during the evenings, weekends and holidays promoting those important links between your school and its adjoining locality.

VegPod Features

  • Designed and built off site to your requirements
  • Includes a main teaching station and tutor work stations
  • Wide range of external finishes including wooden clad, brick slip, painted or vinyl wrap
  • Contract hire or purchase options
  • Easily relocatable

Did you know?

There are funding streams available to help you procure this facility. Contact PKL and we can help you with your application.