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School Food Cubes

Increase catering revenues and school meal take up

Food Cubes have been installed in a number of schools throughout the UK and have been proven to help increase revenue generated from catering sales while helping to improve school meal up take. In addition Food Cubes can help with 'stay on site' policy, by creating an alternative to existing catering facilities and speeding up queuing times in dining areas.

Reduce Pressure on Existing Dining Facilities

The Food Cube was originally created to reduce the pressure on congested dining areas, by providing a facility where pupils could collect pre-paid school meals, away from the main canteen. As the Food Cube is available in a range of sizes, it provides the flexibility to be located in a number of different locations around the school grounds, while being easily relocatable, meaning it can be moved if a school changes over time.

Help With School Meal Uptake and Stay on Site Policy

Food Cubes can help with school meal up take and stay on site policy by helping to increase a school's catering offer, or widening its menu. In some cases, pupils prefer to use the Food Cube instead of the main dining facility, as it provides a less formal and more relaxed way of purchasing school meals. Creating an additional catering facility onsite will help to reduce the amount of pupils leaving the school grounds at lunch times to procure food from alternative sources, by offering the opportunity to increase a school's menu offering, or providing an alternative to potentially crowded dining areas, speeding up the process in which pupils are able to buy their lunches. 

Engage Pupils With Your Food Cube. Make it Part of the Curriculum!

Why not let pupils get involved with the design of the Food Cube, which can be fully customised to your requirements. Whether it's run as a competition in the schol, or as part of an artwork project, getting pupils involved and letting them have an input into the facility will help increase the success of the unit once it is delivered and up and running.

Alternatively, the Food Cube can be used across many areas of the school curriculum.

  • Use the Food Cube to help teach a range of design and technology skills. Whether it is the actual technical design of the unit itself, or getting pupils involved in the site survey and deciding the proposed location of the facility, PKL are happy to work with your school and share our design resources with your pupils to help teach new skills.

  • The Food Cube can be used to help promote food technology and home economics skills. Why not get pupils involved in creating healthy menus for the new facility and cooking some of the food which is sold from the unit? In addition, the Food Cube could be used to help the promotion of cultural themes in the school curriculum by using it as an outlet to serve different themed foods from around the world, as part of cultural studies.

  • As the Food Cube is a working business, it can be used to help teach business studies skills. The Food Cube can help pupils learn how to set up and run a business, whether it is cooking and selling food, or a more comprehensive project including creating a business plan, branding, market research, menu designs and running a working business operation.

  • The Food Cube can also be used to help teach art and graphic design skills. As the Food Cube can be designed to your exact requirements, pupils can be involved in the designing how the unit will be look.

Increase Catering Revenues at Your School

By aiding with the take up of meals, and helping to retain more people onsite during lunchtimes, the Food Cube has been proven to increase the revenue generated by catering at your school. By offering an additional servery point we have found that once in operation, the Food Cube can account for up to 30% of total catering revenue at a school and help raise overall revenue made from catering sales by over 20%

Bespoke Finishes to Your School's Requirements

Food Cubes can be finished to fit in with a school's colours or can be branded to suit the contract caterer operating the school meal service. In addition, wooden clad or brick slip finishes are available so that the Food Cube can easily be matched to existing buildings on site.

Convenient Delivery and Installation

As Food Cubes are modular buildings, they are constructed offsite meaning that they arrive as complete buildings and ready to connect to services. This greatly reduces the installation and commissioning time, meaning that they can be delivered and installed quickly, or over periods such as weekends or holidays meaning that disruption to your school is greatly reduced.

Flexible Procurement

There are a number of flexible procurement options available for Food Cubes, including contract rental, purchase or a lease hire basis, making them a viable option for any school.

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