Portable Kitchens for Hire

Temporary kitchens for hire on a short or long term rental basis from PKL

Proven Package - PP9

Choose a temporary kitchen package to suit your catering requirements

PP9, developed from our Triton kitchen, was a revolution when it first arrived, and has been the solution for more than 300 projects to date. As you can see it provides caterers with an excellent use of space.

The Triton kitchens are widely used for long term requirements and provide caterers with a first class cooking and working environment.

The Triton is also tremendously popular with event caterers. They often use PP9 with additional stand-alone 3.6m or 6.2m freezer/fridge units alongside. This leaves the walk-in fridge and freezer unit of the Triton ideally suited for daily storage.

Favoured Footprints for this Package : H, J, K, M, N, P, Q

Equipment Key

1Preparation Tables
3Water Heater 70lt
6Six Burner Oven Range
7Salamander Grill and Table Stand
8Double Basket Fryer
13Combination Oven 10 Rack
18Undercounter Fridge 354lt
20Hood Dishwasher 55 Basket
33Double Bowl Sink 2400mm

Services Key

E13 x 63amp Single Phase
E31 x 63amp Three Phase
W14 x 15mm Water Inlet
W22 x 22mm Water Inlet
F16 x 40mm Waste Outlet
F22 x 100mm Foul Outlet
G11 x Gas Inlet (LPG/Natural)