Care Home KitchenPods from PKL

Permanent modular kitchens for nursing homes

Care Home Profit Calculator

Increase your revenue by converting kitchens to bed space

Welcome to our Profit Calculator. This app will show you the amount of profit that could be generated for your care home by converting your existing kitchen space into additional bedrooms and hiring one of our KitchenPods. Simply enter the size of your existing kitchen and the amount you charge for a bedroom per week.

The Profit Calculator will then work out how many bedrooms could be created and calculate the total profit.

The calculator uses estimate figures provided by an independent building firm to give indicative prices for converting kitchen space into bedrooms, and takes into account various other costs.

Having used the calculator, if you'd then like a breakdown of the figures, or would like more information on our KitchenPods, please get in touch and one of our project consultants will be happy to help.