Outsourced Turnkey Service Solution

Portable Kitchens and catering equipment for hire

Unit and Equipment Preparation

Rigorous testing and inspection of all kitchens before each hire

We have invested over one million pounds in a purpose-built preparation and despatch wing that comprises Kit Heaven, Kit World and the despatch department called The Quay.

Kit Heaven

Kit Heaven is Europe's largest catering equipment test and inspection centre where every item of PKL catering equipment is deep cleaned, commissioned and tested before being assembled into our Portable Kitchens or made ready for a stand alone equipment hire.

This area consists of heated refrigeration test bays, shot blasting rooms, gas, water and electrical testing centres, chemical dip tanks and re-spray booths. PKL employ a number of fully trained and experienced engineers and also run a proven apprenticeship catering equipment engineering course.

Whether for the purpose of cleaning, maintenance or manoeuvrability, no item of catering equipment is complete unless it is castor mounted. See how castors help PKL assemble equipment for hire in Kit Heaven and on The Quay below.

The Quay

The Quay operates on a loading dock principle, as all catering equipment in the PKL hire fleet is castor mounted. All items are simply rolled into the allocated Portable Kitchen for installation or loaded onto a transport lorry for delivery. At any one time, eight Portable Kitchens can be loaded or offloaded simultaneously from The Quay.

Pre-Delivery Inspection

All PKL Portable Kitchens and catering equipment are passed through a Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) in accordance with our ISO 9001 accredited procedures. Signed quality paperwork is issued with all contracts. Once a Portable Kitchen has been inspected and passed by a trained assessor, the unit is quarantined. The next time that the kitchen is opened, it is on site with the client.

Site Training, Testing and Commissioning

When a PKL Portable Kitchen is handed over, our experienced delivery team takes clients through basic staff training. This covers the Portable Kitchen units, plus each individual item of catering equipment.

Testing and Commissioning

All Portable Kitchens, catering equipment and materials supplied by PKL comply with relevant legislation, British Standards and CE approval. Each individual item of catering equipment is re-tested and commissioned after each hire and before delivery to the next customer. Each catering equipment item has an individual test certificate available on request. All the above is in accordance with the PKL Group Quality Accreditation ISO 9001:2000.

Full operator instruction manuals are provided with every hire including manufacturer instructions on request. Fully descriptive operator handbooks will be left with the kitchens.