Event Kitchens and Catering Equipment

Temporary kitchens and catering equipment for event hire

Event Hire - London 2012 Events

PKL can help you plan temporary kitchens and event space for London 2012

PKL's Event Hire division can provide temporary catering kitchens and catering equipment for events centred around London 2012.

London 2012 presents a huge opportunity for businesses to hold additional events created by increase in interest and potential customers from the Olympic Games. PKL can help you with a range of event kitchen solutions to help capitalise during 2012, and are already in early negotiations with the London Borough Councils affected by the Olympics to ensure that we can supply temporary venues that will satisfy EHO regulations.

Increase Your Venue's Event Capacity

By utilising our event experience, we can help you to increase the capacity of your venue during the run up to and duration of the Olympics. Whether you simply require the short term hire of some additional items of catering equipment to help cope with an increase in demand, or would like a temporary event venue, such as a kitchen and marquee complex situated on the grounds of your existing premises, we are able to help.

Stand Alone Temporary Event Venues

You may be considering a larger, stand-alone temporary structure to hold events in during the Olympics in 2012. Whether you already have a temporary venue in mind and just need kitchen facilities or would like help in setting one up, we are on hand to help.

Corporate and Sponsors Hospitality

PKL has a wealth of experience in providing temporary solutions for corporate and sponsors hospitality for events throughout the UK and around the world, including at previous Olympic Games. If you need to source temporary kitchens, or are looking for a larger scale package to include a temporary dining area and function space as well, we are able to provide a bespoke solution to suit your needs.

Pop Up Restaurant Facilities

Pop up restaurants offer a low cost, effective way to create additional event-catering facilities and are especially popular during the summer months. PKL has supplied a wide number temporary pop up restaurant facilities and we are happy to work with you to devise a solution, no matter what your menu requirement and budget is.

If you are looking to hire catering equipment or temporary kitchens for London 2012 events, or have an idea that you would like to discuss further PKL are on hand to help.