Event Kitchens and Catering Equipment

Temporary kitchens and catering equipment for event hire

Event Hire - Large Scale Events

Specialist kitchen solutions for large scale events

PKL has developed a range of specialist systems to cope with the provision of temporary kitchens and catering facilities at larger style events.

Central Island Canopies

Catering equipment is installed into our Central Island cooking canopies providing 12 metres of cooking space. Each canopy can hold up to eight 24 rack combination ovens, eight 250 litre boiling pans or twelve six burner ovens.

With fully integrated water, gas, electricity, extraction and fire-suppression systems, these canopies provide a safe, hygienic and highly professional temporary catering facility.

  • Designed to create an open plan kitchen environment for large events and on remote sites
  • Integrated fire suppression systems, auto gas shut off and gas detection devices
  • Complies with international shipping codes and can be easily transported worldwide
  • Can be pre-loaded with catering equipment at PKL for quick installation onsite