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Modular Kitchen Solutions

Single Unit KitchenPods

Smaller scale modular kitchen buildings

Our single unit KitchenPods are suitable for providing anywhere between 50 and 200 meals per day and are available in three standard sizes, 3m, 6m and 9m. They can be used to satisfy a wide range of different catering requirements, including hot food production, cold preparation and regeneration of pre-cooked food.  Our single unit KitchenPod facilities are available in a number of finishes including brick slip, wooden cladding, painted exterior and bespoke vinyl wrap and are constructed offsite, arriving to you ready to connect to services.

Single KitchenPods are supplied with a number of standard features including:

  • Extraction System (dependent on cooking type)
  • Automatic Fire Suppressant (Gas System)
  • Heating
  • All internal gas and/or electric fixtures and fittings
  • Automatic gas shut off valve to comply with the latest gas regulations
  • High lighting levels
  • Non slip, food safe flooring throughout
  • Easy clean wall and ceiling finishes
  • Hand wash facilities
  • Food preparation sink
  • Stainless steel work surfaces
  • Leading brand commercial catering equipment
  • Hot water system
  • Insectocutors

Which Type of KitchenPod is Right for You?

Our single unit KitchenPod facilities are supplied with catering equipment of your choice, dependent on your requirements. However as a guide, KitchenPods are generally used for the following catering provisions.

Hot Production and Cold Preparation

Use a KitchenPod to produce hot, locally prepared meals on site. With a variety of prime catering equipment, including a countertop convection oven and six burner oven range.

Regeneration and Cold Preparation Kitchen

If you are considering traditional regeneration of pre-prepared meals, then a regeneration and cold preparation kitchen will be ideal. As well as a large counter top convection oven for reheating food, this kitchen has the added benefit of cold preparation space for the production of cold food such as salads and desserts

Regeneration Kitchen

If you are considering a move towards steam cooked pre-prepared food, then our regeneration kitchen will fit your needs perfectly. With ample cold storage and up to three regeneration ovens or high-powered industrial microwaves, and hot cupboard space, this kitchen will allow you to regenerate up to 120 meals in one sitting.

For larger catering requirements, or where a hub or satellite kitchen is required PKL also supplies open plan KitchenPod facilities.